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VH Business Consulting

Doing business in Southeast Asia (Burma, Kampuchea/Cambodia, Laos/Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam

VH Business Consulting

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What We Offer

Nkajlo Vangh, our owner and lead consultant, has a law degree (Juris Doctor) from Hamline University School of Law as well as a business degree (MBA in Finance).

He worked for a U.S. Senator for a time, and has over 15 years of experience with the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Rights, in the areas of:

  • Employee complaint and investigation
  • Affirmative action plans
  • Compliance/audits
  • Legislative affairs

He also has over 25 years of financial experience as President of a federal credit union. He speaks five languages and frequently travels to many countries in search of business opportunities for potential investors.

We serve both small and large companies and investors. Our services include:

  • Market & Analysis
    Consumer analysis, product competition, risk/political analysis, labor analysis, including country study, and other new business related matters.

  • Financing for new/start-up and existing businesses’ expansion
    Business plans, financing resources, financing presentation, and other related matters (such as government assistance programs).

  • Management
    Cost reduction analysis, employee handbook policy review for compliance, employment application or hiring process review (including background check and other related disclosures), employee complaint/ termination investigation, and management/supervisory/employee conduct issues.

Doing business with local, state, or federal government?

  • We provide write-ups of local, state, or federal affirmative action plan for contractors when required.

  • We provide management tools for affirmative action plans:  review and compliance.

  • We provide pre-audit preparation for affirmative action plans.

  • We provide financial projections and business plans.

Doing business in Southeast Asia (Burma, Kampuchea/Cambodia, Laos/Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam, etc)?

  • We provide all necessary services above, including host government contacts for registration, licensing and other compliances such as taxes.

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"Nkajlo Vangh has been a reliable business partner for many years. I'd recommend his services to anyone who needs advice about business in this area of the world.

-Karen Alonzi, PAR3 I.T.

International Relations

Covering Southeast Asia, including Burma, Kampuchea/Cambodia, Laos/Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Forward Thinking

Predict & address compliance issues such as government contacts, licensing, and taxes.

Problem Solvers

Let us help with your local, state, and federal affirmative action plans.

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Nkajlov Vangh, Consultant & Managing Partner
388 Western Ave. N | St. Paul, MN 55103 USA