What We Do

We help businesses do business in Southeast Asia

  • If you’re hoping to do business in Burma, Kampuchea, Cambodia, Laos, Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam, or any other nearby regions in Southeast Asia, we’re your first stop for advice and assistance.
  • We provide all necessary services above, including host government contacts for registration, licensing and other compliance issues such as taxes.

We’re experts at working with local, state, or federal governments

  • We provide write-ups of local, state, or federal affirmative action plan for contractors when required.
  • We provide management tools for affirmative action plans:  review and compliance.
  • We provide pre-audit preparation for affirmative action plans.

We do domestic work, too

  • We’ve worked through a wide variety of government rules and regulations in both Southeast Asia AND in the United States. Our expertise gives us insights into solving unusual problems.

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About VH Business Consulting

International Relations

Covering Southeast Asia, including Burma, Kampuchea/Cambodia, Laos/Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Forward Thinking

Predict & address compliance issues such as government contacts, licensing, and taxes.

Problem Solvers

Let us help with your local, state, and federal affirmative action plans.

Customer Support


Nkajlov Vangh, Consultant & Managing Partner
388 Western Ave. N | St. Paul, MN 55103 USA